Can A Tennesssee DUI Conviction Be Expunged?

Tennessee Driving Under the Influence Expungement; Expungement of DUI

One of the most common misconceptions by citizens charged or convicted of a Tennessee DUI is that a Tennessee DUI conviction is not permanent. Many Tennesseans believe that after a certain amount of time: 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc., that their Tennessee DUI will “fall off” or drop from their criminal history or record.

Some citizens with Tennessee DUI charges or convictions believe that if you fill out the proper paperwork or “expunge” the charge or conviction from your record, that the DUI will no longer show up when applying for a job or security clearance.

These common misconceptions are incorrect. Once a person charged with a Tennessee DUI or other crime either pleads or is found guilty, he or she will almost undoubtedly have that conviction on his or her record for the rest of their life.

Therefore, many of our callers are very disappointed when they learn that they cannot get their Tennessee DUI removed from their record later. The only chance to keep a Tennessee DUI off your record to is successfully defend the charge in the first place. Therefore, it is extremely important that your hire a Tennessee DUI attorney early-on in the process, before you consider pleading guilty to anything, in order to discuss the options in defending your Tennessee DUI or other criminal charge.

Expungements can be completed in cases where citizens are found not guilty or in cases where they have agreed to some kind of Pretrial Diversion or Judicial Diversion. Please call if you feel you have a charge that has been dismissed, “nollied,” or was part of some kind of diversion. You may be eligible for an expungement. However, please do not plead guilty to your DUI in hopes that you can one day just expunge it from your record. Tennessee DUI charges are specifically excepted from Pretrial Diversions and Judicial Diversions, and therefore, once your plead guilty or are found guilty of DUI in Tennessee, the conviction will likely remain on your permanent criminal history forever.


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