Marcos Garza Knoxville TN DUI Defense Attorney

Knoxville, Tennessee drunk driving defense attorney Marcos M. Garza has been recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers Association. With the advanced skills and training you need to aggressively defend any drunk driving charge, Knoxville criminal defense attorney Marcos M. Garza is considered one of the top drunk […]

Tennessee DUI Lawyer Answers Do I Have To Take A Blood Test?

If an Individual drives a vehicle within the state of Tennessee, and holds a valid Tennessee drivers license the law requires that the individual automatically consent to a chemical test of blood, breath or urine should they be stopped and investigated for driving under the influence. If a law enforcement officer stops you because they […]

A Knoxville Trucking Accident Attorney Ask Are poor Inspections Causing More Truck Accidents in Tennessee?

The disastrous church bus accident that occurred in Jefferson County, Tennessee on October 2, 2013, is one of many commercial vehicle accidents nationally this year. Sadly, when large commercial vehicles are involved in a collision, it tends to create a large-scale tragedy for other drivers on the road. Federal accident investigators have alleged that poor […]

What you should know about Tennessee Implied Consent laws

What you should know about Tennessee Implied Consent laws By obtaining a Tennessee drivers license you automatically give your consent that you would abide by the Tennessee implied consent law, which means you agreed to conform to the requests of any law enforcement officer should they request a breath, urine, or blood specimen. If you […]

What Are and How Accurate Are The Drunk Driving Field Sobriety Test

What Are and How Accurate Are The Drunk Driving Field Sobriety Test  The field sobriety tests were developed in 1970s and have been used by the law enforcement agencies since 1981. There are generally three different test that is administered on a person during a field DUI investigation Walk-and-Turn test The One-Legged Stand test The […]

Can A Tennesssee DUI Conviction Be Expunged?

Tennessee Driving Under the Influence Expungement; Expungement of DUI One of the most common misconceptions by citizens charged or convicted of a Tennessee DUI is that a Tennessee DUI conviction is not permanent. Many Tennesseans believe that after a certain amount of time: 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc., that their Tennessee DUI will […]