DUI Breath Test

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Tennessee DUI Breath Test

Tennessee law requires that a driver submit to a breath test when “reasonable grounds” exist to believe that a driver is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence or impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Many of our clients believe that if an individual has submitted to a breath or other type of chemical test, that they are automatically going to be found guilty if their breath test result was 0.08% or greater.

This is often NOT TRUE. There are many defenses that may arise with regard to breathe test evidence when a Tennessee DUI Lawyer vigorously defends a Tennessee DUI charge. Some of the defenses or problems with Tennessee breath tests included, but are not limited to:

● The breath testing device has not been properly maintained.

● The officer did not wait the appropriate length of time before administering the breath test.

● The officer did not administer the test properly.

● The officer cannot demonstrate the necessary knowledge or properly introduce the evidence at a DUI hearing or DUI trial.

● The client burped or belched during the waiting period prior to taking the breath test.

● The correct analyst is not available to introduce the evidence against the driver at a DUI trial or DUI hearing.

● The breath testing device was malfunctioning.

● And many others.

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