DUI By Drugs

DUI by Marijuana or DUI by Ambien or other Prescription or Narcotic

A Tennessee DUI can be committed by not only having alcohol in your system. It can also be caused by having any drug (prescription or otherwise) that impacts your ability to operate a motor vehicle.

Some Tennessee citizens believe that once they are arrested for a DUI by Marijuana, Narcotic or Prescription Medication, that they might as well plead guilty. Although many clients are disappointed in discovering that it is not a defense to DUI if you had a prescription for the drug at the time of driving, what they also often do not realize is that it can be very difficult for the State of Tennessee to prove DUI by Marijuana, DUI by Ambien or other sleeping pill, or DUI by prescription medication.

In order for the State of Tennessee to prove that someone is DUI by something other than alcohol, it is often necessary that the State of Tennessee obtain an expert who can testify that the prescription drug or illegal narcotic that was in the Tennessee driver’s system at the time of testing was:

1. Impaired by the drug, prescription or narcotic and was
2. Impaired at the time of driving.

These can be very difficult legal tasks for the prosecution, and as a result, often result in successful defense of Tennessee Driving Under the Influence cases.

Recently, some states have begun using Drug Recognition Experts/Evaluators (DRE’s) in order to determine whether an individual was Driving Under the Influence on a Tennessee highway or area generally frequented by the public. Although this has lead to more DUI arrests in some places, the difficult procedure that the State of Tennessee must follow to properly detain and arrest someone for DUI by Marijuana, DUI by Prescription Drug or DUI by other narcotic or drug is a difficult one.

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