What should you do if you get pulled over

If you’ve been arrested and charged with drunk driving in Tennessee, you’re facing criminal charges that have long lasting and serious effects on your life. Call an experienced Tennessee DUI attorney or DUI defense lawyer right away.

Once you have hired a experienced Knoxville DUI defense law firm they will need to work quickly to prepare your case for your first preliminary hearing or trial; to obtain a copy of the police report and videotape, to review the evidence and develop legal and factual defenses. They should subpoena the police officer and cross-examine him or her as part of our effort to explore every avenue to find all the possible weaknesses in the state’s case against you.

There might also need to be medical-related information, incident reports, mobile phone records, or even prescribed medication records which need to be acquired. The quicker the facts are examined by a skilled DUI attorney, the greater the chances of your success.

If I am pulled over and I am asked by an officer, “Have you been drinking?” What should I say?

One approach is to answer, “I would like to speak to my attorney.” No matter what DUI attorney you hire, this is often the best answer.

If you say, “No” and the officer smells alcohol on your breath you have proven yourself to be a liar and your lie will be used against you.

If you say, “Yes” you have given the officer one more clue and have already started making damaging admissions. Don’t worry if the officer threatens to put you in jail. The officer has often already made the decision to arrest you and take you to jail anyway..

How do I avoid being arrested for DUI?

Some people feel the wisest decision is not to give a breath or blood sample. The officer will most likely tell you that you will be arrested if you don’t take the breathalyzer or blood test, and that your license will be suspended.

What they don’t tell you is that if you blow or have a blood alcohol level of .08 (the legal limit) or greater, you will be arrested and your license will be suspended anyway.

If you or anyone you know have been arrested and charged with DUI in Knoxville, TN or any surrounding area in East Tennessee you owe it to yourself to call and schedule an appointment with one of our skilled Tennessee DUI defense lawyers.

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